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Product Description

A fusion Kashmiri Firin in verdant green and sooty ebony makes an exquisite composition in 'Johari.' A beautifully embroidered tapestry is thoughtfully crafted using a new technique inspired by the traditional sozni hand embroidery and set off by a skillfully woven checked organza dupatta. This design will make a striking statement no matter your surroundings.

Stitched like a kashmiri firin, the shirt has a long and relaxed silhouette with drop shoulders and side panels with satin detailing and satin scallops, lace followed by pleated net finish on the hemline. The neckline has loop lace detailing and satin piping and the sleeves have a satin scallop finish with net detailing. The dupatta has a satin finish with net pleated detailing and the straight trouser has a satin scallop and lace finish.

Dupatta (Jacquard) 2.50 Meters
Embroidered Shirt Front (Lawn) 0.67 Meter
Embroidered Shirt Back (Lawn) 0.67 Meter
Embroidered Sleeves (Lawn) 0.65 Meters
Digital Print Trouser (Cotton) 2 Meters
Embroidered Side Extensions (Lawn) 0.66 Meters
Embroidered Running Patti (Satin Silk) 3.20 Meters 
Embroidered Front & Back Crew (Satin Silk) 02 Pieces

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