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A meringue, jet black, gold, winter mint, cerise and ferozi cotton satin shirt is gold printed with a fusion of french lace and Mughal architecture inspired motifs. The tilla embroidered neckline is an amalgamation of ethnic Moroccan and Kashmiri motifs in rosewood, carrot and medallion on a jet black organza canvas. Paired with a luxurious monochromatic blended kani shawl, intricately printed with geometric patterns and black cotton pants.

Gold Paste Printed Front On Cotton Satin 1.20 meters
Dyed Back On Cotton Satin 1.20 meters
Gold Printed Sleeves On Cotton Satin 0.65 meter
Embroidery On Lawn  
Dyed Pants 2.5 meters
Printed Kani Shawl 2.5 meters
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